Meet My Friend Autumn

The season of nostalgic, caffeine-fueled walks

October 9, 2018

Try to convince me that Fall isn't the best season. Just try.

I went for a good ol' Fall walk today. I started on Memorial Drive in Cambridge, right at the plaza that has Starbucks, Trader Joes, and Micro Center. From there I walked all the way up the river to Harvard Square for some lunch.

I haven't been in much of a "real camera" photography mood for most of 2018, which isn't too surprising since my interest in photography as a hobby really does rise and then crash fairly consistently year after year.

However, one thing that never changes is my urge to document the things I see and appreciate during my walks – with whatever image capture device I have on me. Lately, that's been my iPhone 8 Plus (which was used to take all of these photos).

I have been continually impressed with this phone's camera since upgrading from an iPhone 6. The dual-lens configuration is something I wasn't sure I'd use much, but I would hate to go back to a single lens now. This phone has changed smartphone photography for me completely. I've taken my phone on vacation as my only camera and been perfectly happy with the photos and moments I was able to capture.

Well, I suppose that's all I have to say. I gave up Facebook about a month ago and the one thing I miss is having a place to share my photos and brief thoughts.

I suppose people used to write personal blogs to share their thoughts and lives before Facebook. Or just to document their days, just for themselves, which is really most of what I liked Facebook for.

Autumn, keep it up buddy.

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