Kancamagus Highway

A weekend of riding the Kancamagus Highway and camping in New Hampshire

August 21, 2016

Friday Afternoon

There's nothing like that Friday afternoon feeling in the Summertime, especially when you've got an exciting weekend planned.

My friend Jigger and I planned to motorcycle to New Hampshire to ride the famous Kancamagus Highway and camp at Hancock campground in Lincoln, NH.

Unfortunately, we got to the campground at about 8:30pm and there were no campsites available. So we booked a hotel right in the center of town and went out for dinner. At dinner we met a friendly group of Bosnians who were on a multi-state visit to the U.S., Boston was their next stop.

After getting back to the hotel I took advantage of the rare opportunity to relax in a jacuzzi for a bit before heading to bed. Meanwhile, all of my unused camping gear sat on the floor in the other room.

Riding the Kanc

The next morning we woke and set out to ride the Kancamagus Highway. What a beautiful stretch of road. I've been to the White Mountains several times now but there is still so much I need to ride/hike/camp/explore.

At the other end of the road, in the town of Conway, we met a nice Canadian couple who had ridden down to New Hampshire that morning on a Ducati Multistrada.


I had intended to ride home Saturday afternoon, but decided to stay another night in order to actually get some camping in.

We found an open campsite where we set up our tents, bought some firewood and then went back into town to get a bit of food before nightfall. Once back at camp we got a nice big fire started.

The camp next to us had an extremely drunk, extremely dramatic young man who was shouting and swearing most of the night (until I lost my shit and stormed over there around 3am).

Sunday Morning

We packed up camp and then set out to ride home via New Hampshire's Route 302, which was super scenic. It was extremely windy once we got on the highway, so we stuck to back roads for a while instead. Back roads are always more fun anyway.

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